How did the English Language Start?



This is a big topic and I will obviously make it only short, but……

…actually English didn’t start in England, in fact as far back as historians can work out, it started in Germany! Then as these people slowly moved across Europe and ended up in England as we know today, they took the language with them as well as a bit of all the other languages they came across along the way. In fact English is nowadays often called the ‘borrowing’ language as it kept changing as the people moved from country to country. This was called ‘Old English’ and the people using this language were called the ‘Anglo Saxons’. (anglo=englo)

Then came the Middle English. This came about during the late part of the Middle Ages (500AD-1500AD), when the Roman Empire was slowly kicked out and the new Europe that we know today started forming. The languages that emerged at this time heavily influenced the church, the court system and the government.

Written Old English is very difficult to read today, but Middle English still can be read and can be easily compared to the Modern English we know today.

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