5 Ways to Improve Your Vocabulary


Everyone needs to build their vocabulary at some time in their life, whether you are an ESL student who simply needs to gain vocabulary and use it for everyday life or if you are a native speaker who has got a new job or even is starting to study in a new area.  Vocabulary development is useful for everyone. But to build vocabulary isn’t just about sitting and memorizing lots of lists, it is about finding creative ways to understand and use the words correctly. Here are some interesting ways to get your vocabulary base growing!

1.    Vocabulary Trees

Simply draw a tree and develop all the words from there:

5 ways to improve vocab2.    Create a Word Bank in Categories

As you go through your English course you will come across words that are related to specific areas. With a notebook, give each page a subject title and list the words related to that word under the title.  This is really helpful when you come to preparing for your IELTS or TOEFL exam because instead of having to think of all the words, they will be right there in your notebook.

3.  Root Word Charts

As they say once you know the ‘root word’ many other words will come from that. E.g. root word: happy, other words coming from the root word: happiness, happiest, happier, etc.

Begin making a chart early on and you get 5 x the vocabulary just from one word.

vocab chart4.    Visual Dictionaries

When you find a new word, and write it in your notebook, don’t be afraid to draw pictures to explain it or of course even write it in your own language!

5.    Learn Collocations

Words often go together, e.g. watch television, play the piano, visit a friend. Building collocations is an excellent way to extend your vocabulary as it will also help you with your grammar when you are writing and speaking.

DYK #7

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