World Cup English Vocabulary

world cup


This year, it is being held in Brazil, but though football is always known as the beautiful game, it’s also the international game, and yes I know some of the greatest players have not always been playing for England, but the words and language used still tend to be English.

So here you are, sitting with your group of friends talking about the game, try this quiz and see who much they really know:

  1. QUESTION:         What is a pitch?

   ANSWER:           the green area where the game is being played.

                                 How to use it:  “The players are on the pitch ready to start.”


  1. QUESTION:         What is a referee?

   ANSWER:           The man on the pitch who watches the players to make sure they are following the rules.

                                 How to use it: “The referee blew the whistle and the game stopped.”


  1. QUESTION:        What is a defender?

   ANSWER:           A player who stops the other side getting a goal.

                                How to use it: “That player is a fantastic defender, he stopped 3 goals.”


  1. QUESTION:         What is a striker?

   ANSWER:           A team player whose job is to score goals for the team.

                                 How to use it:   “Messi is an incredible striker.”


  1. QUESTION:         What does a player do when he is dribbling?

   ANSWER:            He moves quickly forward with the ball by lightly tapping it in small short kicks.

                                  How to use it:   “The player is dribbling the ball.”


  1. QUESTION:         What does a player do if he sprints?

   ANSWER:            He runs very fast to catch up with the ball or another player.

                                 How to use it:   “The player kicks the ball then sprints after it.”


  1. QUESTION:         What is a counter attack?

   ANSWER:           The plan the other team has to win back the ball.

                                 How to use it:   “The teams counterattack was so strong, they got the ball back.”


  1. QUESTION:         What is a tackle?

   ANSWER:            An attempt by a player to get the ball off the other team player.

                                 How to use it:   “The player tackled the player and got the ball off him.”


  1. QUESTION:         What is does it mean if a person is offside?

   ANSWER:           When a person has accidentally stepped over the line that they are not allowed to go.

                                 How to use it:   “The referee said that the player was offside.”


  1. QUESTION:         What is a tactic?

   ANSWER:            A plan a team has to score a goal.

                                 How to use it:   “The team had a clever tactic to win the game.”


What score did you get? No not the game silly…….in the quiz?!…..

DYK #14

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