3 Most Common Grammatical Errors



Understanding the three most common grammatical errors can help you improve your writing. When you know which errors to look for, it’s easier to act as your own editor.

  1. Mistakes when using an apostrophe

Incorrect:        My mothers house is next to his house.
Correct:          My mother’s house is next to his house.

        Or (and this is really common!)

Incorrect:       The cat ate it’s food.
Correct:         The cat ate its food.

  1. Subject and Verb Agreement

If you are speaking or writing in the present tense, and the sentence has a plural subject, then the verb must be in        the plural also, if the subject is singular the verb must be singular also.

Incorrect:        The exercises is good for the student.
Correct:          The exercises are good for the student.

    3.    Pronoun Errors

If the noun in the sentence is singular, the pronoun must be singular:

Incorrect:        Chelsea are the best football team.
Correct:          Chelsea is the best football team. (Chelsea is one team)

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4 thoughts on “3 Most Common Grammatical Errors

  1. English really is a challenge! Aiyshah, you always make it seem fun. Your point number two looks simple enough, but when the subject is doubled, things get even more confusing: “The exercise and reading assignment are good for the student.” The subjects are singular but there’s two of them. If you think of it as “They are both good…” it makes more sense.

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