Ramadan and World Cup football: the perfect partnership for once



It is a rare occurrence that both the World Cup Football and Ramadan have fallen so close together, and though of course the games are at different times around the world, here in Malaysia though the game times are12.00am/3.00am/6.00am, this can be a perfect schedule for an esl student’s daily routine.

But the question is of course  – how? So, as many of you, who are learning English, have studied daily routines in your class, here is a breakdown of a successful daily routine that could help any student complete all tasks…

Ramadan/World Cup Daily Routine:

9.00-12.00/1.00                 Complete English course

1.15                                     Dhuhr Prayer

1.30                                     Complete English homework

2.00-7.00                            At home sleeping (5 hours)

7.25                                     Magrib prayer (and catch up on Asir prayer too)

7.30                                     Iftar – (Breaking fast)

7.30-8.30                            See friends

8.30-12.00                          Isha Prayer and Sleep (3.5 hours)

12.00                                   World Cup Game 1 + eating and snacking

3.00                                     World Cup Game 2 + eating and snacking

5.30-5.50                            Last meal and Fajr prayer

6.00                                     World Cup Game 3

7.30-8.00                            Prepare for school

9.00-12.00/1.00                 Complete English Course (and so on…)

Notice how you are still getting your 8.5 hours sleep a night/day?  This way you will have enough time and energy for everything. And let’s face it you will be watching the game with your friends, so it’s not like you won’t be having time to socialize!


Let me know how your daily routine is, even if you are not a Muslim, watching the games and keeping your job and life normal isn’t easy.

DYK #20

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