How and why did English become an international language? 



Actually it was by accident!

In the past it was really only Latin and French that people felt they needed to know, but thanks to two of the most powerful nations in the world being English speaking (UK and USA), so it happened.

England has always been a powerful nation in terms of building its empire with many countries colonised around the world (e.g. New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, India and even the USA!), and of course they left many things behind including their English language. So if you wanted to do business with these people, English was the language to know.

Then as the USA began to grow, and became even more powerful than England, again the language that foreign business people needed to know was the same, English.

Finally when the internet began to totally dominate the world, (and as it originated in the USA), English was the language used. As a result of course, most users preferred the use of English particularly if people were interested in getting a global perspective on the world.  Most informational sites now offer an English version to allow all people to be informed at all times.

And so the international language of English was confirmed!

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