7 Things to Know to Make Learning English Easy



  1. Know that anyone can become an English speaker.

There are now three times more English as a second language speakers than there are native speakers. Never forget that you can be one of those too.


  1. Know that English can be easy

In every single country in the world now there are schools devoted exclusively to teaching English. Teachers are trained in how to make the lessons interesting and fun. They are there to guide you through the easy parts and help you with the difficult parts.


  1. Know your goal

In the beginning you may feel it all seems impossible to end up speaking like your teacher. But to really succeed you need to give yourself some ‘bite-size goals’ to measure your achievement. So set your goal one step at a time and let yourself celebrate when you reach each one.


  1. Know why you are learning English

It may be simply to pass a school exam or even to get a job or do business. In the end your reason for learning is your final goal. Picture yourself at your final goal, speaking perfectly and without mistakes. If you keep this in your mind at all times, you will surprised at how quickly you will get here.


  1. Know that you will not be perfect for a while

As the saying goes ‘anything worth having takes time and motivation’. Keep that in mind at all times (particularly through the tough parts of the journey). You will always get there if you keep working on it. So don’t be afraid to make mistakes. That’s how you learn.


  1. Know how to take responsibility

This starts from making a decision to follow the rules and guidelines of your teacher. If you have a good teacher (which I am sure you will), they will help you and give you feedback. Taking responsibility means, though you can have a lot of help, it is really up to you to accept you are not perfect and make every effort to correct it. The more this will become a habit, the faster you will progress.


  1. Know how to study and practice smartly

Studying smartly simply means making time to complete your work, using every opportunity to practice your speaking outside the classroom and allowing yourself to look back and monitor your progress. It really isn’t that much different to going to the gym. If you are disciplined, you will get to your goal a lot faster.


So there you have it.  My experience has shown me that students who follow these seven points always succeed, and not just at English, these seven points can be for any subject you decide to learn.


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6 thoughts on “7 Things to Know to Make Learning English Easy

  1. You’ve shared some great advice here. English is easy, and hard, to learn. A great thing for everyone is to keep practice and practice, and be willing to have people correct you.

    • Yes I agree, so many people think the course is enough, but really it’s only the beginning. People need to make it a life long process. I have friends who (to me) speak English almost perfectly, but still they feel their English isn’t good enough. Often it’s because they don’t get to speak it much. but still whatever they learned early on has held them in good stead and their continued desire to speak is what has always kept it there.

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