One thing to add to your resume that will DEFINITELY improve your chances of getting a job

A1Can learning English really improve your chances of getting a job?

Only one answer to this question:       Absolutely!

In this day and age if you are able to speak English in whatever profession you choose, your chances of getting the job of your dreams are so much higher.   So what does ‘Speaker of English’ do to your CV?

It tells your employer that you are someone who:

  1. Can take the company global:  You may only start off at the bottom of the ladder, but you will have something that a lot of other people in your company won’t have, you can help the company think about doing business internationally. Why? Because they have you!
  2. Can work outside your comfort zone: Any person in Senior Management in a company knows that learning something additional to your job skills means you have had to work harder than most, and often have had to make mistakes along the way. But you have shown them that you are willing to take responsibility for these mistakes, make changes and grow. The perfect staff member!
  3. Can be a translator and mediator: Your boss may not know English, but they will want you by their side all the way to help them in meetings and deal with international clients. You will be like their right arm. Imagine how much you can learn by holding this position?
  4. Cares about what they can offer a company: When your future boss sees your CV he/she will realize that you have thought ahead about your employability. They will see that you are someone wanting to step outside the norm so as to offer that something extra to help your future boss. Your future boss will already see you are a winner!

If you have more than one language on your CV that means your mind is thinking outside of the country. In this business climate where you have to be very creative, companies love employing people who they believe take them somewhere different. You’re the one for them.


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