READING ALOUD – an IMPORTANT key to improving your English

reading aloud


You may remember when you were at primary school and your teacher would sit you in a circle with your reading group and listen to you read. Your teacher did this for a reason, to see what words you knew and didn’t know, not to mention your pronunciation.


Well as an adult in a language class, your teacher is possibly doing the same thing, for exactly the same reasons. But also your teacher will be doing this for one other important reason, so that you the reader can hear the sound of words, to improve your fluency and to eventually get you to slowly move from listening to the music of English to eventually bringing into your subconscious so that you will be eventually ‘thinking in English’…..your dream situation!


Now this is something that you don’t have to do just in your English class. Here are a few other ways outside the class to continue your ‘reading aloud’ activity to improve your English.


  1. When you see a new word, always pronounce it aloud, this will help you remember the sound of the word and also listen to if it is connected to another word you know, which will help you with the meaning too. E.g. Community, commune, communion…. You may know the first one, so when you come across the second or third one, chances are you will be able to not only pronounce it correctly but also understand it better


  1. Work with a partner at home and read one paragraph each, and listen and help each other with the correct pronunciation


  1. Read aloud your reading homework as well as answering your comprehension questions. When you hear it the next day you can already listen to the complicated words and hear the music of it and correct yourself or pat yourself on the back for getting it right…..


  1. Read aloud anything you see in the street as you walk along. This might make you sound like a crazy person, but it will really help you in the long run. You don’t have to shout it out, even quietly speaking it to yourself is enough. Make a note if you really can’t pronounce it, your teacher can help you tomorrow with it.


So there you are…a few more ideas to keep that English pumping through your veins after those school hours….don’t forget it’s what you do with the English your learn that makes the difference between the competent English speaker, to the learner….




Any more suggestions?


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2 thoughts on “READING ALOUD – an IMPORTANT key to improving your English

  1. I could not agree more..This is how our brain works. You could read a new word a thousand times but it won’t stick in your mind until you say it aloud…

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