What kind of ESL learner are you? Take the QUIZ:


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All our brains are different, that’s what makes us who we are. And when it comes to learning, also not everyone can learn in the same way.

I know from teaching for many years that there are some students who learn better using different methods. For example if you are from the Middle East you are more likely to learn best through talking and doing, however if you are from Asia your learning comes mostly from auditory and visual. Have a quick look at these 5 different learning styles and let me know which way you enjoy learning the most.

  1. Visual learner
  2. Auditory learner
  3. Tactile learner
  4. Kinesthetic learner
  5. Analytical learner
  6. Global learner

So what are these kinds of learners? See if you can find out which one you think you are:

 Visual Learners

Do you find learning easiest through these methods?

  • information on the whiteboard
  • colorful pictures
  • videos
  • story books with pictures
  • computer graphics
  • maps (e.g. treasure maps)
  • charts
  • cartoons
  • posters
  • board games
  • worksheets
  • puzzles

You are a visual learner if you find satisfaction in learning through ‘looking’ more than other ways.


Auditory Learners

Do you find learning easiest through these methods?

  • songs
  • listening to stories
  • poems and riddles
  • verbal instructions and explanations
  • listening activities
  • participating in oral activities

You are an auditory learner if you enjoy listening more than other areas.


Tactile Learners

Do you find learning easiest through these methods?

  • drawing
  • making models (e.g. creating sculptures or buildings)
  • following instructions to make things

You are a tactile learner if you find touching and feeling things are much more useful for learning than other areas.


Kinesthetic Learners

Do you find learning easiest through these methods?

  • playing games in which they need to use their whole body (e.g. Charades)
  • doing exercise type activities which require running and jumping
  • movement activities
  • making models  (e.g. with play doh or lego)
  • following instructions to make something
  • setting up experiments

You are a kinesthetic learner if you find you need to move around a lot when you are learning.


Analytic Learners

Do you find learning easiest through these methods?

  • well-structured and clear lessons
  • information and instructions given in steps
  • clearly stated goals and objectives of tasks
  • activities which require thought, such as matching exercises, puzzles, missing letters, etc.

You are an analytic learner if you find yourself enjoying understanding structures and logic.

Global Learners

Do you find learning easiest through these methods?

  • games
  • group activities
  • story writing
  • lots of action based activities
  • computer games
  • talking without being interrupted for correction

You are a Global learner if you are more likely to respond to learning something from an emotional point of view first, then analyse it from that perspective. You need to understand things on a personal level to ‘get it’.


Okay that’s a lot to digest at once, and yes I can hear you all saying “ …well, sometimes I find one way of learning good and sometimes another…”.  That is perfectly normally and actually most people should find themselves using a variety of ways, but the important thing to pick up is which one do you think you find easier than others. This will help you define exactly what kind of learner you are.

The last point is, why? Why is it helpful to know this information about yourself? It’s because if you know your best method of learning, you can start to design your perfect learning experience and help yourself to move faster through your studies.


Tell me, what kind of learner do you tend to be?

gold-starDID YOU KNOW: The kind of understanding can be referred to any topic of study not just ESL, so if you understand where you are now, your future studies can be helped from this kind of understanding too.

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