Will English ALWAYS be the international language of choice?



Well…no one can every truthfully answer this question…the only answer we can give is …maybe…

But let’s look at some facts and opinions out there and see where it could go.

  1. Right now 80% of the English spoken between people are between non-native speakers. E.g. a Chinese businessman and a German retailer.


  1. Though English is deemed as being the international language of choice right now, due to the expansion of the Chinese business environment, Mandarin is often considered a more desirable language to speak in the business world.


  1. As so many people who speak English in business are not native speakers, the possibility that the English we know today will still be the English of tomorrow is quite unlikely. It is possible that many words will be added and taken away to create many different versions of English depending on where you are in the world.


  1. Just historically, English only became so well known due to the British empire. Quite possibly another language could rise us for some other reason as yet unknown. History is never static, and has always shown that change is always just around the corner. That’s what makes life interesting.


So what’s your opinion? Is English here to stay? Or will a whole new language rise up and take over the place of the ‘international language of choice’?

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5 thoughts on “Will English ALWAYS be the international language of choice?

  1. English is here to stay a while, and it’ll be substituted by any other language. The concept of Lingua Franca is that of the most important language in a social and political context in a period of history. We’ve seen Latin rise and fall in history, and I’m sure the Romans wouldn’t have thought it may become a dead tongue. So the new Lingua Franca will necessarily be preluded by the rise of a new empire or social order… who knows?

  2. Arabic was once upon a time is the language of the world due to the spread of the Islam. there is a history documentary film called “When the world spoke Arabic”. Have a look!

    • That’s interesting. The Arabs were great traders and took their business, their religion AND their language internationally. You’re right! It can happen to any language I guess, if the people want to move they will take their language with them.

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