What is Plagiarism and how it can KILL YOU!

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So you think it’s funny, and you wonder what’s wrong with everyone? Then you notice five guns pointing at your head! You have committed the crime of PLAGIARISM, that’s what!

It might seem a small and silly matter to you but it may actually kill your future education if you are not careful.

So what really is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is copying someone else’s work and saying it is your own. It is illegal and students as well as any other writers in the world can not only have their education ended but you can also end up in the courtroom.

You can plagiarise a whole essay, or even one sentence. It doesn’t matter, it is still called plagiarism.

Most common types of plagiarism

  • copying and pasting from the Internet and saying you wrote it.
  • putting your name on another person’s essay
  • copying sentences from another person’s essay
  • downloading a photo from the internet without permission
  • presenting research in your own words without providing your references
  • buying an essay from someone
  • having a teacher or native speaker edit your paper so it is totally error free

So why do it?

  • Most people firstly don’t even know it is against the law until they find out the hard way.
  • It’s easy.
  • The chances of someone finding something wasn’t done by you are minimal
  • That writer said far better than me, so I will use their one

Why is it illegal?

  1. According to most countries legal boundaries, anything that has been created by another person must not be used by someone else without their consent or acknowledging that it belongs to them. It is theft.
  2. A simple here and there seems harmless you the student, but in fact before you know it, the whole thing becomes out of control and even the student doesn’t know which is his writing and which isn’t.
  3. For students, it gives a very unclear picture of the students real ability.
  4. For other professional writers, it says that the person is not professional and can’t think for themselves.
  5. How can someone check if you have plagiarised?
  6. Easy. Any English teacher is aware of the level of all their students. They can tell immediately if you are plagiarising because you may be using words that are far beyond your vocabulary level. Then all they have to do is copy one of the sentences into the internet and within a second, if something comes up that has the same sentence in it, you will be found out.

How to NOT Plagiarise

    1. All the legal profession is telling you is that it is okay to use someone else’s words or essay, you just have to state that this was written by that person, not you.
    2. Of course if you submit an essay written by someone else, your lecturer will give you zero for your marks, so there is no point.
    3. The key is to read that persons essay or sentence and then transfer the idea into your own words. When you are learning English this is the key to improving your written English. It is a clear indication to your English teacher that you understand what has been written.

So there you have it.   And yes it can KILL YOU!  Well as least your future in writing.

Try to write in your own words. Or at least use quotation marks to show that you have taken this phrase from somewhere else, and then at the bottom of your assignment, record who the person was and where you took it from.


So what do you think?

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2 thoughts on “What is Plagiarism and how it can KILL YOU!

  1. Have you followed the discussions in Germany in the past several years? Several high ranking politicians have lost their political careers because of copying in their PHD thesis, most remarkably Mr. (former Dr.) Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg who lost his academic title (“Dr.”), his personal credibility and thus his job as German Minister of Defense.

    Don’t copy, sooner or later the boomerang hits you back…

    • Thanks, that is interesting information. Also a well known CNN editorial journalist Fareed Zakaria also was caught copying a whole segment of one book for his own book. He got off with just a televised apology, but it hit the media big time….and shook him up too no doubt. People will always remember him for that now that he is such a public figure….no doubt the same for those German politicians.

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