How to use Facebook to Learn English

In case you missed it.


facebook english

Apparently as of October 2013 there were 500 million Facebook users. That’s a lot of conversations going on at one time. But how many use English to converse with each other? Well actually according to the 2010 statistics over 200 million users use English. And that was four years ago!!

Facebook is one of the most important English Language opportunities for any ESL student today. Have a look at some of the things you can do with it.

1.   Groups and Pages

Facebook has lots of groups and pages that can connect you to other English learners and offer you free practical lessons to help you with all aspects of English learning.

Here are a few well known favorites:

Kaplan International Colleges

Learn English – British Council 

Learn English as a second language:

Fluency MC

2.   Create an English Only page and build your friend base with…

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