WHAT DO YOU THINK? Should students live away from home, when they are studying at University?

home flatThese days in the western world, students often have no choice, it’s just plain too expensive to go out there and look for an apartment. What happened to the good old days when I was at University where seven of you would share a flat and pay $5 a month!!! Yeah I’m really showing my age now, but honestly, for me there really was something in that, not just to get out there and get responsible for my life, but having the experience of following through on all my Mum’s sayings… “don’t wash your colours with your whites, put the iron on low for silk and high for cotton, there is nothing like sleeping in a clean pair of sheets!”  Oh…my heart flutters when I think of her wonderful advice….


But seriously…… I learned so much about myself, and how in fact, I was not the ‘untidiest girl in the city’ (as my mother would sometimes say), that I did need to know what kind of person I liked to live with, and so on. But at the same time, could my grades have been better? Hmmmmmm…….We did have some great parties!


So what about you? Do you think, today, if students can, they should still try to live outside their home? Is going to University about learning more than just your end of year exams?



2 thoughts on “WHAT DO YOU THINK? Should students live away from home, when they are studying at University?

  1. Two years ago I worked at student accommodation in South-West England. A lot of the students there were lower than pond scum! To cut a long story short, when we’d reprimand them for violating rules and compromising the safety of other residents and the security of the building, they’d go crying to mummy and daddy, who’d yell at us for reducing their precious babies to tears. With parents like that it’s no wonder the brats turned out the way they did. But I know not all students are like that, so on the whole I do think it’s a good idea for students to live away from home – as long as they understand that along with the fun and excitement comes a sense of responsibility.

    • I appreciate your comment, yes I know in my uni years I did share a house with some real ‘eye-openers’. it was really good for me to see at that point that people like that actually existed and lived that way. These experiences to me were all an important part of the ‘becoming a responsible adult’….

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