It’s a comma, it’s a tick, NO IT’S SUPER APOSTROPHE!

super apostrophe


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Okay, so if you are not sure exactly what an apostrophe is, here it is …………..

….and let’s have some pronunciation practice: Now after me:

a-pos-tro-phe  (ah-poss-tro-fi)



and one more time


Now let’s get on with this…so many students when they are talking to me about spelling, don’t know this word. They know how to use it, they know what it does, but to them it’s a …….tick, comma… They know the name but just can’t remember it, or can’t pronounce it. 

…..and when do we use it?

With contractions:

I am – I’m

She is – she’s

I would – I’d



For possessives (if the noun doesn’t end in an s):

This is Ali’s bag.

Give me Mary’s books.


For possessives (if the noun does end in an s):

Here are the students’ bags.

There are teachers’ meetings everyday.


Do we use an apostrophe anywhere else?

Yes one more:

When a word has been shortened.

e.g. ‘Twas the night before Christmas.


That’s it!

Ooops…also to let you know  – these are not apostrophes!

The ‘book’ was really only a magazine!  

These are called ‘single quotation marks’, and are used to identify a specific word – they are not apostrophes!

Okay, bye for now!


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