How to make sure your PRESENTATION ISN’T BORING!

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For many people, giving a presentation is the scariest thing in the world, however there are some simple things to remember to make sure you are not going to fall flat on your face.

Check out these tips and check our presentation to see if you are doing these, or not doing these.

  1. Understand who you are speaking E.g. What age are they? What jobs do they do? Where are they from? Etc If you know these things, make sure you tell them things that are to do with their backgrounds.


Of course you need to ask also – why are you talking to them? And don’t just say because I have to do a presentation for my assignment at University! You are talking to them because you have something important to tell them about themselves!


  1. Make eye contact with people in your audience while you are speaking. They will suddenly wake up! Trust me. But don’t jump around the room with only one millisecond on each face. Look at each one in the eye.


  1. Stand still. This simply means don’t start moving around, scratching your head, making unusual facial expressions (unless of course that is part of your presentation!). All this is very distracting to the listener and they will want to leave.


  1. Practice, practice, practice. In front of your close friends, in front of the mirror, wherever you can. This will really build your confidence.


  1. Speak loudly and clearly. This shows you are enthusiastic as well as the fact that you can be heard. Also remember to vary your voice. You don’t want to stand in front of people and-sound-like-a-ro-bot!


  1. Don’t put too many numbers in your presentation. Even if you have a power point and you are referring to the screen, too many numbers turns off the listener. Keep to general overview statements. They can all get a copy of your power point when you are finished to check the numbers themselves if they want to.


  1. Be interesting! (Sorry I know your faced just turned up with these words) But the truth is that you have to have something interesting to say. How?! You ask. All you need to do is find information that YOU FIND interesting. If YOU find it interesting, your audience will too. You can make things more interesting by using other things in your presentations like – pictures, sounds, having things to touch and hold, having things to taste, or even smell……see where I am going here? It’s all to do with our 5 senses – hear, see, taste, touch, smell! Works every time!

8. Pauses are good, but the longer the pause the worse it is. Sometimes an audience needs time to digest what you have just said, so a pause can be good. But if you leave the pause too long, they have not only digested what you have said, but are starting to doubt that what you said was correct because as the pause is too long, it looks like you have lost some confidence.

9. A great opening to your presentation. Again I see you saying – but HOW?!

  • One friend of mind always starts her presentation with a quote…. This is a really good way to get people interested, because it gives the audience something to reflect on.
  • Another friend always starts with a question to the audience. This really gets the audience to start thinking too. You can even ask the audience what they think the answer is!
  • Another friend always starts with a picture, and often a very powerful picture, it could be a disaster, a funny picture or even something beautiful. So long as it has something to do with your presentation, the audience will be immediately interested.

10. A great closing to your presentation. This is easy because if you had a great opening, you can have a great closing. If you started with a quote, you can come back to the quote, if you started with a question, you can end with the question. If you started with a picture, you can finish with the picture…

So there you are, a few ideas to check your presentation against.

Remember to stay confident and stand up straight too. You will be wonderful!

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