WHAT DO YOU THINK? Which country would be the most interesting to visit?

mysterious country


(Photo credit http://bit.ly/1qRWHVL)

Thank goodness we are not all the same on this planet, and there are many countries still yet to be truly discovered, and others are far more advanced than you would have ever realised. But the most important thing, it seems to me, is to keep curious and always strive to find out that little bit more that you didn’t expect. It not only to give us more information about the world, but also keep ourselves in check, we can come to appreciate more of what we have, or realise that maybe the way we see the world is not the only way.

So what do you think? Which country (out of this list only sorry) do you think would be the most fascinating to visit?

If you have any others, let me know!



10 thoughts on “WHAT DO YOU THINK? Which country would be the most interesting to visit?

  1. From those that You’ve named, in my opinion Papua New Guinea offers amazing and stunning landscapes. As well as traditions and cultures that have been preserved during the centuries, what more amazing place to visit for those that love adventures and new strong experiences than this one?? :))

    • Great to see you chose PNG. It is a very mysterious country with most people still living in the most traditional environment imaginable. Most have never seen or even heard of a white face and there are over a million people living in the highlands who have never seen or heard of the word ‘sea’.

  2. I’ll go for Papua New Guinea or anywhere in Africa. Luckily I head to PNG tomorrow and I spent 2009 travelling through 30 countries of Africa. I’ve been very fortunate.

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