How to do a BEGINNERS PRESENTATION and look amazing!

presentation amazing

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You don’t need to wait until your English is amazing before you can start building your skills for presenting.Here are some very handy hints on how to get started even if you are in Elementary 1!

  1. Prepare a short written passage about a simple topic, e.g. yourself, your family, your friend, your country. Make the sentences short and write about 10-15 of them. e.g. I come from Japan. I am 25 years old. I have two brothers and one sister.
  2. Underline the key words in each sentence of the passage.   e.g. I am 25 years old.    (the key words are:        age  25)
  3. Write the key words on one small card (No bigger than 4cm x 6cm). One card for each sentence. (these are to be held in your hand while you are speaking)  e.g. one small card says:         age 25         Another card says:      from Japan         Another card says:   2 bro + 2 sis       and so on……
  4. Hold the cards in the palm of your hand and quickly look at the key words and make a sentence from it.   E.g. age-25  =  I am 25 years old.
  5. If you have 10-15 cards these can be held in your hand while you speak to the class. REMEMBER you must look at the class when you are speaking, not at your hand!

These simple things will really help you so that when you get good at English later, you will be able to speak confidently in front of a group of people and not fear that you will forget your ideas.



  • Make eye contact
  • Speak clearly and with correct grammar
  • Speak fluently
  • Smile!



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