WHAT DO YOU THINK? Is it better to learn English one to one or in a group?

one to one

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We have so many students who request a one to one English course with a teacher, but very few really understand what it’s like to be the only person in the class. There is no one to learn anything from or practice anything with other than the teacher. You are forced to come up with the answer yourself. However saying that, of course you are sitting with an English teacher alone for three hours a day, that can’t be bad, in fact it can be really good as you won’t be able to speak your native language. The other thing is that having a one to one teacher is always very expensive, whereas studying in a group is much cheaper.

So what do you think?



4 thoughts on “WHAT DO YOU THINK? Is it better to learn English one to one or in a group?

    • Yes very true. In Malaysia 90% of students want to study at University and so the courses all seem to be the same, but I know that in Europe the reasons for learning English are so much more diverse so one to one could be more useful for alot of students.

  1. Aiyshah,

    We just started an ESL class at our church. The students are paired with tutors at a ratio of 2 – 3 students with a tutor and a helper. That seems to work fairly well. We noticed when the student group was smaller the students were less likely to show up the next week. It is a LOT of pressure to be the only student to answer a question or practice speaking a new language when one is first starting classes.

    Be a Blessing,
    Nancy ~ Bead Charmer Girl

    • Absolutely agree. To be the only one in the class is pretty intimidating. Some people think that if they have a one to one teacher they will learn faster. Actually the learning is up to the student not the teacher. For some students if they can keep up with the teacher it may work well, but if you can’t keep up (which is most students) they will need the others in the group to dissipate the pressure otherwise it’s pretty intense (to say the least).

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