5 more COMMA RULES and how to BEAT THEM again!

comma 2

(Photo credit http://bit.ly/YPfg6v)

Yes here we are again – time to open those eyes and get those commas right again… I am trying to keep it simple.

The first five are in my previous post a while ago, so I will start with No. 6!


  1. Use a comma to separate the day of the month and year. (Plus after the year too if you have another word following:

e.g. It was in the 24th June, 2013, edition.

  1. Use a comma to separate cities from states and countries:

e.g. I come from Los Angeles, California, USA.

  1. Use a comma to show someone’s degree title with their name.

e.g.        Dr John Morsley, M.D.

  1. Use commas to show relative clauses with (who, that, which)

e.g.        My sister, who is married to John, is coming to stay.

  1. Use a comma after a speaking description word, e.g. said, called, asked, etc…

e.g.  He said, “I want to talk to the Manager.”

That’s it for now, but there are more to come. Keep tuned!

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