5 ways to see if you are you ready to sit IELTS

are you ready for IELTS

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This is a question that is not asked enough, so I will make a whole post about it.

So many students come to me and say that they need to sit IELTS to start their University course. My next question is usually, have you done a placement test? (with us at our Elit Language Centre that is). If they say no, I tell them they have to, then I can help them. If they can’t come into the school, I ask them to do our FREE ONLINE ENGLISH TEST through our website www.elitlc.com .

Our standard answer is, if you have scored in the Upper intermediate level or above, you may only need a short IELTS Preparation course or even just buy an IELTS preparation book and work through it at home.

These kinds of students are a pleasure to teach as they know exactly what is required.

There are however, other students who just need to understand that  no teacher can help you to pass the IELTS exam if your English simply isn’t good enough.

So here is a CHECKLIST to see if you are ready to sit the IELTS exam:

  1. Have you reached an Upper Intermediate level in your English school?
  2. Have you bought an IELTS preparation book and  tried the tests and passed most of them in the book?
  3. Do you have more than one month to pass the IELTS exam?
  4. Has a qualified English teacher ever said to you that you are ready to sit the IELTS exam and will probably pass?
  5. Do you know anything about how the band scores are structured in the IELTS exam?

If you have answered YES to 4 or more of these questions then I would say go ahead!

If you answered YES to 3 or less questions then I would say, get at least one more YES by either doing a placement test or whatever it takes, and then you may be ready.


No teacher will ever be able to help you pass IELTS if your English isn’t good enough!

More useful IELTS Task Links on my pages:


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