Old ESL teacher vs young ESL teacher, WHICH IS BETTER?

old and young

(Photo credit http://bit.ly/1yDE3KM)

Firstly…….I want to apologise …….I’m REALLY SORRY to call people old or young because it has bad connotations right from the start about quality, both ways, so what I want to do in this post is just share some ideas and get your opinion on it.

So for the purposes of this post, I’m going to define it here.

OLD: over 40 with a lot of teaching experience

YOUNG: Under 25 with a little teaching experience




OLD Really know their topic Might be tired of teaching
  Aren’t phased by difficult questions May not be up to date with latest methodology
  Know how to answer questions clearly Won’t connect with the young of today
  Have a wealth of life experience as well as teaching experience Will not be as keen to use technology in the classroom as it wasn’t what they were brought up with
  Can understand exactly your problem Unwilling to learn new things in the classroom as well
  Understand professionalism Won’t have the energy to put into the class
NEW Will connect with the young people in the class Will have limited knowledge of their field
  Will have lots of energy in the classroom May not be able to control the class
Will be open to new ideas and willing to learn May become too friendly with the students and not understand what ‘being professional’ means
Will be keen to use technology in the learning process because it’s part of their life too May not see this job as a serious career, only something to fill in time until they get a ‘proper’ job.
Will be always trying to implement the latest in methodology as they will be newly qualified All the students may want to hit on them if they are good looking! (distracting for students)
Will be willing to work very hard Have limited life experience


Of course there are always older teachers who are just plain amazing and everyone wants to be in their class for whatever great reason, and of course there are the young teachers who are just plain supersonic right from the get-go. Usually I don’t like to put everyone into a box because everyone has their own merit.

But tell me what you think……





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