Who was your BEST TEACHER of all time and why?

best teacher

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I just had to do this post as being a teacher myself I do reflect back on those great ones who influenced me.

I’m going to narrow it down to a teacher I had when I was 10 years old. Why did I like him?  Well (remember I was only 10 at the time) he was:

  • Funny
  • Had really artistic handwriting
  • Gave us interesting lessons and made us think
  • Gave me the chance to be creative in learning
  • Played the recorder once really badly!

In fact I became a teacher purely because of him….honestly!

The interesting thing was that when I trained as a teacher (10 years later) I met someone else who had also had him as a teacher but a few years after me and I asked her if she thought he was the best teacher she had ever had, and she said no he was the worst! (Sorry Sir, if you are reading this!) I asked why and she said because he was:

  • Impatient with them
  • Boring
  • Didn’t do anything interesting with them
  • Didn’t like sport
  • Shouted at the class

Well obviously something had happened to him that year because I saw none of that…..maybe it was a different teacher with the same name?

So who was your most favourite teacher of all time and why?





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