What will an IELTS PREPARATION COURSE do for you?

…in case you missed it…


what will an IELTS Prep class do your you

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Firstly I want to make sure you understand this important point:

…………………… it will not teach you English!

There I have said it, so copy and save everyone!

So therefore what does an IELTS PREPARATION COURSE teach you?

  1. How to skim and scan to answer the reading question quickly within the time limit
  2. Techniques for knowing how to listen for information to suit the style of the listening exam
  3. The kinds of questions and answers that would be expected in the speaking exam
  4. How to structure and self-correct the kinds of essays and reports necessary to complete the exam.
  5. How to complete all four disciplines within the time limit.
  6. What kind of IELTS band score you could expect to achieve if you sat the IELTS today.

If you think you are ready, take a placement test at a local English school or go to our website

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