LEARNING ENGLISH in a GROUP or ONE TO ONE? The reasons why …..it depends….!


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I have to admit I had a bit of a brainwave a week ago about learning English around the world. I foolishly thought that we all have the reason to learn English right? Wrong!

The patterns I have noticed vary depending on the area of the world you live in. I’m going to try to make some connections here but tell me if you disagree:

Region Main Reason for Learning English
Europe Business
Native English countries (UK, US, NZ Australia, etc.) Immigration
Asia Education
Africa Education
South America Business
Middle East Education

So please disagree with me if you think this is not accurate, but the reason why I put this here is that the reason we learn English has a lot to do with the way in which we want to learn.

Business reasons: If you are learning English for the purpose of business, you will be often so busy you will want a time that suits you and usually these are out of the usual hours of school so a one to one is better for you plus the teacher will be able to focus on that special area of business focus you need. The other point is that one to one is far more expensive and …well, If you are a business person, you will probably be able to afford it anyway.

Immigration reasons: Secondly if you are seeking English for immigration, a group setting is better for you, because you are most likely to need it to become a national of the country. This will require general English to get by and the government of that country will usually set up classes specifically for that.

Education reasons: Thirdly if you are seeking English for education, you will need to be fully submerged into a group class on a daily basis because the level of English you will require to become an academic is immense, so best to get as much as you can in groups for the lowest cost possible – you are a student remember.

So there are some reasons. But what about the quality aspect? You could compare it to fitness and going to the gym. If you go every day and just walk on the treadmill on level 5 will you be better than if you go just once a week and run that treadmill on 10? You decide.

Evidence has actually shown that in fact working in groups does get you to improve faster, as little and often is better in acquiring a language. But if your schedule is tight or you prefer to have that special attention from the teacher, go with the one to one, it can still work for you, though much more expensive of course.

What’s your opinion?



4 thoughts on “LEARNING ENGLISH in a GROUP or ONE TO ONE? The reasons why …..it depends….!

  1. What about travel/holidays/vacations? Many Europeans learn English mainly for that reason. For many, the only time they need to communicate in English is when they travel to a neighbouring country, even if it’s not an English speaking one, and also, of course, when they travel further afield.

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