7 Tips for Improving English Outside the Classroom

…in case you missed it…


english outside the classroom 21. Read, read, as much as you can, whenever you can . If you live in an English speaking country, you are at an advantage as everything around you will be in English. Read the road signs, read the street names, the advertisements on the signboards and buy the local newspapers!  If you live in a non English speaking country, focus on the internet. e.g. Look up world news on the BBC World news site.

2. Create your own dictionary from what you read. Let’s face it, you don’t and won’t know every word you read. Even I kept a personal dictionary in my first year of University. And I still remember some of those difficult academic words today!

3. Chat online. This is a fantastic way to practice your English, and you get to make friends who are English speaking also. Just what you need!

4. Create…

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