8 ways to read REALLY FAST and understand everything too!

This has been a very popular post. Just though you might like to read it just in case you missed it last time…


girl with booksSo you may be able to read fast, but do you understand what you are reading?

Or…you may be understanding what you are reading, but are you reading fast enough?

These are common problems for ESL learners. But there are some things you can do to speed up your reading. Here’s how:

Learn to Skim first

Skimming is the key to getting the basic understanding of what you are reading. So look at headings, sub headings and pictures and decide immediately what you think this might be about.  This will at least help you to get your mind focussed.

Read at different speeds

When you start to read, if it is easy, read quickly, if you are not sure what the sentence is about slow down….take each word or group of words slowly so you can digest them and understand them.

Learn to chunk

Chunking’ is reading groups…

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