Learn to LISTEN LIKE A BABY to improve your ENGLISH really FAST

listen like a baby

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Okay first of all I want you to know that I am not going to give you the usual information of – watch tv in English, make a commitment to speak only in English, write, read and listen only to English….you know the usual stuff…Yes we all know these.


I am going to tell you something different.


I want you to think about how you learned to speak as a child.  Could you speak as soon as you came out of your mother? (Sorry if you didn’t know but you weren’t born under a gooseberry bush). No. So how did you learn to speak, and in particular, speak ….your language (maybe it was English, maybe French, Arabic, Swahili…whatever).


Babies can’t talk right? So they cry, they scream, they squeal and they gurgle, because they don’t know any other way to make sure they are heard and understood. Imagine how frustrating it must be to be a baby. But when they are not showing their frustration, they are doing something else.


They are……listening.




Then suddenly when you are sitting in your high chair getting ready to eat your piece of toast, your Mum asks you, “Do you want another piece of toast?” You answer immediately in a perfectly natural adult voice “No thanks, I haven’t finished this one yet!”


Yes, anyone who has ever been a parent will know that scene, Your Mum and Dad will just look at each other startled and laugh and say “Where did that come from?”


And when we learn a language as an adult, things are just the same.


So what I recommend you do is to simply sit back and listen, to music, to the radio, to conversations, to debates, to discussions, to anything that will get you into the language. Listen like a baby!


I also of course recommend doing a course and so on (all the things you would think would be a good way to get fluent at English), but honestly LISTENING is the key to it all.


So take the time out to submerge yourself into the world of English in every way you can and just listen. Forget about anything else, just listen. Don’t try to speak, just listen. Don’t make notes, just listen, don’t ask questions, just listen, don’t get worried about not understanding, just listen and I guarantee you will speed up your language learning so quickly you will forget your own language and have to think twice before you speak to your own Mum because you can’t remember the right words in your own language!


Off you go!  Listen like a baby!








5 thoughts on “Learn to LISTEN LIKE A BABY to improve your ENGLISH really FAST

  1. Input is so important! Once you’re a highly competent speaker, and someone asks you if something (a phrase or expression) is right or not, do you resort to your internal grammar files? No. You decide by whether something “sounds right” or whether it doesn’t. Because you’ve been listening for years, and that’s how you’ve heard it being said. Over and over again.

  2. Reblogged this on ellen's esl teaching blog and commented:
    Most of you will want to work on all of your skills, while you are improving your English, but take some time every week to just spend time where you can listen to normal conversations and “listen like a baby”. Coffee shops are excellent for this, and if you commute by bus or train, take your earbuds out from time to time, just to listen to the people around you. At first, you’ll only recognize a few words (I recognize Spanish numbers on advertisements), and suddenly, you’ll realize you can follow a whole conversation between strangers!

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