4 Common Grammar Mistakes that are REALLY ANNOYING!

An oldie but a goodie!

The FUTURE of Learning

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English grammar does have its ‘special cases’ that make the learning confusing and frustrating, but today I’m not going to talk about those ones. I’m going to talk about the ones that have a very simple and specific rule and you really SHOULD know them, and there SHOULDN’T be any excuse from now on to get them wrong.

So here you are:


  1. Who, which or that?

“Who” (or “whom”) refers to persons.

“Which” refers to animals or things, never to persons.

“That” can refer to either persons or things.


The girl who was hungry.
The dog which bit the mailman.
The bus that goes to the station.


  1. Do the quotes go after or before the period?

Put quotation marks after a period or comma.

Put quotes before a colon.

Put quotes after a question mark unless the entire sentence is a question.


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