10 ways to use your MOBILE PHONE to LEARN ENGLISH



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From the simplest to the most state of the art, you have to admit, the mobile phone is pretty amazing.


For me, I manage to keep myself up to date (of sorts) with technological developments by simply getting the best phone on the market every two years. Then I sit at home for about 8 hours and just see if I can simply make a phone call, and honestly what I learn in the process is simply awesome!  But that’s me, I can already speak English, so what about someone who can’t. (Not to mention being 30 years younger than me too!), the uses for English are endless.


Of course the person has to make a conscious decision to use only the English language on it, otherwise you are just defeating the purpose. So if you do, let’s see what you can do with it to improve your English:


  1. The phone will automatically give you an error correction on any message. Great way to be told that you need to remember how to spell this word.
  2. Watch You Tube English courses.
  3. Record or video yourself and listen to your English. Check your conversation ability in English by playing it back. Even record native speakers talking and listen to it at home and check what they are saying.
  4. Make your own short videos with a story with your friends. All in English of course!
  5. Take photographs of unknown words as you see them then check their meaning later.
  6. Download some amazing English apps, vocabulary apps, dictionary apps, and general  English learning games.
  7. Use your Google translate to get the meanings of unknown words.
  8. Skype with people, preferably English speakers to improve your conversation skills.
  9. Access English websites for more information about anything.
  10. Download and listen to English music and sing along with it.


Pretty much anything you can do on a computer now you can do on a mobile phone, and not just internet things. There are now some really good note-taking apps, office word document apps, and many many more to get you going.


Just make a pledge with yourself that you will only use English for everything, and there will be no stopping you as to how far your English will improve.


Anymore suggestions?






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