7 ways to IMMERSE yourself in English in a NON ENGLISH COUNTRY!

non english country


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It makes a lot of sense that if you want to learn a language you should go and live in a country that speaks it. That way you are thinking and breathing English every moment of the day. But not all people have that opportunity, particularly English, yet English is the most sort after language in the world.


So today I want to talk about how you can immerse yourself into an ‘English environment’ even though you are not living with English speakers or living in an English speaking country.


  1. Make a rule to speak only English in your English class and outside in the corridor, reception area, computer lab, student room. Anywhere that is considered part of the school!


  1. Make a rule to ask the teacher questions in English frequently and encourage others in the class to do the same


  1. Make a friend with someone in your class who doesn’t speak your mother language, and spend a lot of time with them outside the class, at break times and in the weekend. Make a point to meet their friends too. The more people to talk to the better for everyone.


  1. Join an ‘expat’ club e.g. football club, etc., and play and socialize with the native English speakers, or speakers who don’t speak your mother language.


  1. Live with an expat family who speak English. Sometimes you may not have native English speakers, but at least you will be forced to speak English with them and they to you.


  1. Become an active student in your school who wants to promote English outside the classroom by organizing school events.


  1. Get a part time job in a place where English has to be spoken.



So there you are, if you have more ideas let me know!


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11 thoughts on “7 ways to IMMERSE yourself in English in a NON ENGLISH COUNTRY!

  1. Hi Aiyshah! Nowadays I’m studying for IELTS exam. When I’m at home, i turn on radio from my computer or cell phone and listen it while i’m doing other stuff. I generally prefer ABC NEWS Radio for Australian accent and BBC Radio4 for English accent. What do you think about that? Although I don’t listen it very carefully sometimes, is that help?

    • You are doing something very important. Speaking is very close to listening. The best ESL English speakers in the world are the ones who are great listeners and have listened to perfect English by native speakers. That’s why esl speakers in the western English speaking countries do so well, they are immersed in it…but you can be too by listening to the radio and television…..well done! All the best with your IELTS exam. I will follow you and see how you do!

  2. Thank you for the information. I’m an English learner, but I don’t take English course. I’m an Indonesian, where I don’t have friends at home for practice my English. I usually use my English with my native English speakers on social media, and I use my blog for practicing my writing skill. Sometimes I watch English movies and videos. I’m so lucky to find this site. I hope I’ll learn more from this site. Hopefully. 😊

    • Thanks for your feedback. Learning English in a non English country is always difficult. I hope you continue to listen and read as much as you can to tv, radio and online. These days there are so many more ways to practice than before. Keep it up, you are doing well!

      • My pleasure! Well, I have to force myself to continue my learning, because I have a dream I want to be a professional English writer. I know I start to get my dream from zero. I’m trying to follow your lessons on your website. Thank you so much!

  3. A great way to get in touch with native speakers in a safe and relaxed context is this expat group, basically, all over the world: http://www.internations.org. I used to attend the meetings in Santiago, Chile while living there and now, currently in England, I attend the local meetings regularly and have made great friends so far, and it has made my expat experience friendlier.

    • Wow that’s a great link you have provided us with, thanks. How to get in touch with native speakers and actually become their friends is always a big question for most esl learners. Thanks.

      • Most of this internations groups have exchange sub-groups so there are always opportunities to learn not only English but other languages in very friendly and not-school-like environment

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