CONVERSATION STARTER: So where’s the best place to take a break these days?

summer holiday

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We all need a break and often for different reasons. I know myself often it’s just to get out of the rat race and chill somewhere on the beach. But other times I feel in a bit of a rut and need an adventure, somewhere really different so that when I come home I have a lot of crazy stories to tell. Then of course there’s the old home country to see the relatives and old friends….that’s good too.

But what about you? These days, which destination do you prefer?

….let’s get the conversation started!

5 thoughts on “CONVERSATION STARTER: So where’s the best place to take a break these days?

  1. Hi Ayishah! It’s really nice to think about a break at the moment – December’s always been a tiresome month for me. Last year I went for a five day romantic trip to Prague at Christmas and that was fantastic! I Regret not going anywhere this winter as I still remember how inspired and happy I was back then. But seeing old friends is just as great sometimes if I need ‘to recharge’.:)

    • Hmmmmm…Prague in the winter time…Yes it sounds very enchanting, For some reason I love Europe in the winter, I guess it is because of the snowy Christmas feeling everywhere. I’m a bit of a beach bunny myself, so though I don’t like sitting out in the direct sun, those crystal clear water beaches and white sands often bring the bliss out in me…Thanks for your thoughts!

    • Yes, Christmas with a barbie on the beach is how I grew up. And lovely beaches with blue skies….hmmmmm yes. I sometimes love the snow (in small doses) however. It makes me feel like a child again.
      Thanks for your thoughts.

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