Learn English and get a job with an NGO!

ngo worker


(photo credit: http://bit.ly/1rU6Kyn)

(By the way if you don’t know NGO means it is a Non-Government Organisation. These are usually set up by people who want to personally help developing nations improve their quality of life, run by donations not government funding)

Let’s face it if you are living in a developing country, the chances are you are looking for a job that will set you apart from the rest. You don’t want to be doing what everyone else is doing because for starters….YOU are learning English!

Perhaps you are already a business person or a student and your English has been handy for you. But seriously, NGO work can lift you not only salary-wise but also in order to be a part of the change that is going on in your country.

To apply for an NGO job outside of your country, you will certainly need English plus an other additional language to your own, perhaps Arabic, or Urdu or some other useful language. This is because the nature of an NGO job is usually about liaison and facilitation. To have your language, another language AND English means you can talk between nations as well as internationally.

To apply for an NGO job inside your country means if you have English you are already half way there. Most NGOs are from the western world and are run by English speakers but they need people like you to help drive their mission in your country.

English is a win-win skill for NGO work.

So get that English under your belt and apply for these positions. The world needs people like you.




3 thoughts on “Learn English and get a job with an NGO!

    • Thanks. I know there are many people out there who are desperate to learn English because they know it is really important, but not quite sure what to do with it after they get fluent. Usually they go back to their countries and sink back into their own native language. Now there is a great opportunity….To use your English AND change the world!!

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