4 ways to IMPROVE your English WITH A FRIEND without taking a class!


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Short on time? Have a friend who also wants to improve their English? Here are four ways to really kick start your learning, without taking a class!

It doesn’t really matter if your friend is good or not good at English, these simple activities can be done together and you can help each other.

Now before we start, I need to let you know that these activities will only work if you have had SOME kind of English learning, even if it was a secondary school, that’s okay, but it probably won’t work for a zero English person. (Just letting you know)

Anyway, here we go:

  1. Read the newspaper together

This is so simple, you and your friend are sitting somewhere, you both have an English newspaper each. Choose an article that you both think you can read, then read one paragraph aloud while the other person follows and corrects with you.

  1. Watch an English movie together

Not only is watching the movie really good for your English, you can pick up some phrases, but also it’s what happens after the movie. Talk about what your saw, what you think the movie was about, what you liked about it. Try to do it in English, but if that is too difficult, still talking about the movie in your own language is fine. This is really about how much you comprehended about the storyline. What phrases did you learn, and so on. This is  a great listening activity.

  1. Eat out at an English restaurant

Find some restaurants around town that sell western food and have western waiters and menus. Practice your reading of English from the menu, your speaking of English by ordering what you want, your listening of English by listening to the waiter. This is a great way to immerse yourself into the English environment and pick up new phrases and vocabulary in an everyday setting.

  1. Record the two of you talking in English

This is a wonderful and hilarious way to get confident and hear each other speak too. Just switch on your i-phone to record, put it on the table and start having a conversation with your friend. Let it go for as long as you think it can go then stop, rewind and listen. You may be surprised at how well you do speak, or what kinds of mistakes you constantly make. Once you have listened and corrected yourself. Record again your speaking about the same kind of topic and see if there is any difference.

So there you have it…it can be fun revising your English with a friend, but of course there is no match to doing a proper English class with a qualified teacher. But if you don’t have time, this will sure put you and your friend’s English to a new level.

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