CONVERSATION STARTER: Do you think everyone in the world SHOULD BE bilingual?

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Well I think the first thing we should do to answer the question is just say….okay but why? Are we becoming a world where two languages are going to be necessary? Well you can all guess which language I think will probably be at least one of them….duh….English…. Yes, so I can understand why English is so necessary, but do you really think that another language is still necessary? Maybe to retain culture…hmmmmm…yes that is a good point. It certainly wouldn’t do any harm.

Anyway – let me know what you think – should we all be bilingual?

18 thoughts on “CONVERSATION STARTER: Do you think everyone in the world SHOULD BE bilingual?

  1. In my opinion the key word here is ALL. Not ALL people NEED to be bilingual.However, people who live and think globally should learn a number of languages as well as study many cultural differences and similarities, not only two. In this case , two is just not enough.

  2. I agree with idiomestarradellas, not everybody needs to be bilingual, and not everybody can. I do think that people who frequently travel, move to various countries or directly work with languages/various cultures, need to be bilingual. But for other people who don’t actually need to be bilingual, what’s the harm in learning another language? It has many benefits you may not even realize. I think it’s very important to retain your culture because this is what makes the world interesting and beautiful, but I also think it’s important to be able to communicate with others who don’t speak your native language. I think the benefits of learning languages are endless, but I don’t think people should be forced to because not everybody has the means to.

    • Yes good point, no one should be forced as it is expensive and also doesn’t come easy to everyone either. But I think most of the world even right now, are bilingual at least, which in itself is quite a phenomenon, and this must mean something too about our changing world.

      • Yes, you’re right! A lot of countries realize the importance of a bilingual education. I think in time, even more people are going to realize this and perhaps countries will have resources more readily available in order to effectively learn another language.

  3. In a fact, I speak more than two. My mother tongue is Basa Sunda, and my national language is Bahasa Indonesia. I learn English because it’s International language. I have to learn it to get the knowledge. I also learn Arabic, because I want to understand my religion well. So, according to my mind, it is not matter to know others than English.

  4. The sub-continent of India has more languages and dialects spoken than found in the whole of Europe. An average Indian knows and speaks minimum 3 languages. Still, English is taught as a primary/secondary language in India. Also, it has to something to do with their colonial past. But Indians have realised the importance of the English language in their country’s growth.

    • Yes, there are a few countries around (Malaysia being one of them) where being bilingual or often multilingual is the norm. English tends to be usually one of the languages but not always. There are definitely a few Chinese Malaysians who can speak, Mandiarin, Tamil and Bahasa Melayu but limited English….

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