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There are so many different places you can go to meet Native English Speakers these days, but one I really want to push is the new internet phenomenon of the ‘Meet –up”.

So what is this all about?

Well if you google the words ‘meet ups’, you will be very surprised how many there are in your area. They are groups that are created by other people who are interested in a certain topic, e.g. chess, walking, books, business….you name it! There is a meet up about it. And it is all free!

The amazing thing about meet-ups is that you just contact the group online and they will tell you where they are going to ‘meet up’ next time and you just turn up. Usually it will be a café or park or tennis court…depends what the focus of interest is. And for sure they will be full of native speakers who enjoy doing the same kind of thing as you e.g. Chess, reading, walking etc.

If you go once and enjoy it, usually they like to socialize too and that way you can find some very like-minded people to talk and joke with. You can go to many different ones in one week! All with different people and all with a similar interest to you.

What I would not recommend however is to go to a meet-up for people who want to only practice their English…chances are you will end up only meeting non native speakers like yourself and it will be hopeless.

So give it a try. These days this is one of the best ways to meet people. And don’t forget to practice your conversation starters too!

Let me know how it goes for you!

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6 thoughts on “How to use MEET-UPS to meet a NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKER

  1. That’s a great mode for learning. Thanks Aiyshah. A piece of advice though for the ladies: there are some meet-ups where people, especially men, try to form unnecessary friendships. Beware of them. Find genuine meet-ups.

    • Thanks good point.

      I personally have been to a few meet ups and have never been hit-on! Perhaps that is a sign of my age! (sigh) Anyway…..Yes i always say make sure it is in public place with already a lot of members, plus goo d to take a friend too!.

  2. In my experience, these meetups are a great way to learn a language, though I always prefer to meet up with a individual person as otherwise I have difficulty making sure I speak enough of my target language. Meeting an individual person ensures you can set a reasonably strict 50-50 rule of how much of each language you speak

    • Thanks for your feedback. Yes i agree, if you have the chance to speak one to one that is the ultimate.

      At the same time I do recommend people (particularly females) to take appropriate precautions about meeting strangers to ‘talk’, and follow the usual rules of make sure you meet in a public place, don’t give them your address, etc…

      Thanks for your idea.

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