Eid Mubarak vs Merry Christmas

While we are in the festive feeling check out this old post….makes an interesting comparison.



No this is not a post about Islam vs Christianity, and I would never step into that territory, but what I wanted to talk about here is how these celebrations are similar and different.

We all know that Eid is the day of celebration for Muslims to end the 30 days of fasting and meet with their families and friends, and Christmas is the same kind of thing for Christians (except of course no fasting involved). But let’s look at the traditions involved in both and compare them.

Religion Islam Christianity
Prayer Morning prayer at the local Mosque Prayer at midnight on the night before Christmas day, some countries also have prayer on Christmas day.
What does the day represent? The end of the fasting month The birth of Jesus Christ.
Cards Eid cards are sent to family and friends Christmas cards are sent out to family and…

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