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Wow this is a loaded question, because I can only speak for myself here, but I have to say that my dreams have changed a lot over the years.

Firstly in my teens it was all about doing something creative and artistic  and leaving home….I really couldn’t think much further ahead than that.

Then I hit my 20’s and realized I had a skill in drama and theatre and so wanted to become a famous playwright and actress. I almost became famous for the playwright part…well I am in the NZ history books for my plays, but now I haven’t written a play for years and aren’t that interested anymore.

Then it was all about completing goals, e.g. finishing my degree, getting my finances in order.

Then in my thirties I just wanted to travel and see the world and experience everything different and really test myself. That I certainly achieved very well. And still are!


Then in my forties I wanted to just focus on home and health and financial security. This one is kind of the older you get the less you can achieve…if you know what I mean. My health is good, but sooner or later it will deteriorate like any other person, but I think I am able to focus better on how to maintain it.

Now I am in my fifties….I’ll have to think about that one…but I think it is more about giving back and helping others. I still keep the other dreams alive too but being there for others is more important and enjoyable now than it has ever been.

So what about you? What are and were your dreams through the years?



One thought on “CONVERSATION STARTER: So what are your BIGGEST DREAMS in life?

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