A QUICK ONE: English is USED for……

english use


(Photo credit http://bit.ly/1Bkslmn)

  1. Most internet websites
  2. Most business correspondence
  3. Communicating at international airports
  4. Communicating at international hotels, restaurants and bars
  5. Discussing scientific discoveries
  6. Recording new innovations in all the scientific disciplines
  7. 75% of all online negotiation both personal and business
  8. Storing information electronically
  9. All forms of international political diplomacy
  10. Covering major international sporting events


Incredible isn’t it?

Anything else?



2 thoughts on “A QUICK ONE: English is USED for……

  1. It’s also used more and more commonly in advertising, even when the native language has a very different written form. Seoul service providers and product marketers have a knack for putting random English adjectives and nouns on their billboards.

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