CONVERSATION STARTER: Were you taught English grammar in Primary school?


When I was at primary school in New Zealand we never even knew what the word ‘grammar’ meant. All we knew was some people went to a ‘grammar school’, and they were a bit more expensive than the public schools… so grammar? No, I came through the educational thought of write as you feel you want to express yourself. I came out okay but then again, English is my first language.

So what about you?

Were you taught English grammar in Primary school?


6 thoughts on “CONVERSATION STARTER: Were you taught English grammar in Primary school?

  1. Actually I was but only because I was educated in the Middle East and many of the students were not native speakers even though all education was in English. That said, I had to relearn everything to become an ESL teacher!

    • Yes I can understand that, but yes I know a lot of non native speakers find it hard to believe that as native speakers we don’t have a huge amount of knowledge about our own grammar. I think I knew what a verb, an adjective and a noun was and that was it.

      Also me too, when I became an ESL teacher it was a shock to the system grammar-wise…that is something every native speaker confronts when they decide to become an ESL teacher, and unfortunately there is no easy way out – it takes at least 6 months sheer hard slog!

  2. In primary school we learned about ‘doing’ words and ‘describing’ words and whatnot. In secondary school we were given French verb tables to learn, At university where I studied languages and linguistics it was a massive shock to hear about ‘subjects’ and ‘objects’ – let alone whether they are direct or indirect!

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