According to students, a GOOD TEACHER should…..

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When teachers do their esl training, they are taught so much theory and if they are lucky they also get the chance to practice teach to a class during their training hours. Anyone who has done this will say that theory is theory, but the students ………. are reality!

So even though a teacher may have that CELTA or TEFL tucked under their arm, the real truth doesn’t start kicking in until they are in front of the class and not just for one day but 6 months minimum.

That’s why it’s always good for a teacher to remind themselves of what students actually want from their teacher, and though some nationalities can be very demanding, the truth is that most students are fair and reasonable about their requirements.

So here goes. Students want their teachers to:

Be prepared for each lesson 

This is a no-brainer. A good teacher not only has a lot of experience, but also is always prepared for almost any question a student might ask.

Bring something new and interesting to each lesson

Teachers should be keeping it interesting and fun for the students. Not only does it make the student enjoy the class more but by being creative and different in the classroom can also give students a different perspective on the topic or concepts for the day.

Be fair and yet firm when necessary

Students know that not everyone in the class is a good student, and they really appreciate it when the teacher steps up and confronts any bad attitude or behaviour in a professional and fair way. It confirms to the student that the teacher truly is in control of the class when necessary.

Know their stuff!

Students can sniff out a fake very early on, so teachers have to know their stuff….and if the teacher is new into it, they need to get an ally on the staff you can help them every step of the way….

Be positive and constructive with the students

All students know that they learn better when there is a positive atmosphere. It’s the teacher who creates it from the start.


12 thoughts on “According to students, a GOOD TEACHER should…..

  1. Interestingly, to build on, ‘know your stuff,’ some of my IELTS students recently said they think being able to give good explanations is more important. Sometimes when they ask about a complicated grammar point or nuance of a word or phrase they can see the teacher knows the answer, but they can’t explain it in a way the students can understand.

    • Good point. I would say if a teacher ‘knows their stuff’, then they know how to explain it too. Knowing your stuff as a teacher is knowing how to teach too.

      Thanks for the reminder.

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