6 great reasons to practice English by TALKING TO YOURSELF!



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Yeah I know its ‘crazy-man stuff’, but honestly if you have no one else, why not try yourself!

In fact I would go as far as to say, talking to yourself in English is one of the best ways to listen and check what you are saying. Here are some reasons why:

  1. You are the judge of your own success and failure

You are the one who knows what should be said and what was said. If you listen to yourself and practice it in the mirror, allow yourself to judge what you just said and correct it from your knowledge of what should have been said.  It is a double win then!


  1. You don’t need to speak publicly

If you lack a lot of confidence speaking publicly in English, here’s your chance to do it alone and build you knowledge quickly without any stress. You will be surprised how fast your confidence will grow when you actually hear what you are really saying.


  1. You can self-correct and repeat without anyone knowing

You can stop right in the middle of a sentence if you said something that you think is incorrect, and correct it and start again. You can even stop and get out your grammar book and check the correct sentence and then say it again. ….and no one will be watching or criticizing you.


  1. You will see your own improvement

If you do this daily you will see your own development before your own eyes (and ears!), think how much confidence you can build from that.


  1. You can do it almost anywhere

Yes obviously in your bathroom at home, but what about also in the car on the way to work, or while waiting alone for someone, up a mountain, in the jungle!  You name it, wherever you are alone and away from anyone.


  1. You will learn to love your own voice speaking the language

This is a really great plus. So many people are afraid to speak English because they think they sound silly, well here you are listening to your own English regularly and eventually you will love to hear yourself speak, so when you get out there into the real world, speaking will become a pleasure rather than a sore point.


You can shout or you can whisper, it really is up to you!

So give it a try! But remember, you do need to speak to other human beings sometime! Standing in front of a mirror every day will only get you so far….!!



7 thoughts on “6 great reasons to practice English by TALKING TO YOURSELF!

  1. I’ve lived in countries where I don’t speak the language very well, and I have found this to be an excellent trick!
    Driving to the dry cleaners I practise saying what clothes I’m bringing, and what day I’m going to come and pick them up.
    Driving to the hospital I practise saying who I have come to visit, and asking what ward they are on.
    Driving to the pharmacy I practise saying my symptoms.
    Driving to a dinner with friends I practise saying my funny story from some incident during the day.

    I don’t always no all the words I need, so my self-talk sessions gives me the chance to find the gaps and improvise with other words I know. It’s a great trick for language learners!

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