10 COMMON Vocabulary MISTAKES we often make in ENGLISH



(Photo credit: http://bit.ly/1DAQ8P5)

I know for an ESL learner, all you want to do is to speak perfectly, but so often when you  listen to a native speaker speak, they really don’t speak with the correct vocabulary usage. And often they don’t actually know that the words they are saying are in fact wrong.

So let me set the record straight here and give you ten really common errors that native speakers make:



What they say

What it should be

1 wheelbarrel wheelbarrow
2 whip cream whipped cream
3 addicting addictive
4 far be it for me far be it from me
5 ice tea iced tea
6 jutebox jukebox
7 in regards to with regards to
8 on the same token by the same token
9 I’ll think on it I’ll think about it
10 upmost utmost


So now tell me if you know the correct ways to say these phrases:

…a whole n’other thing….




So go on tell me the correct answers! I dare you!




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