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If you are a student or an ESL teacher, take a look at this checklist (or even print it off!) and see how you measure up or how you think your teacher measures up….



Always/Usually/ Sometimes/Never

1 Respect yourself
2 Respect your colleagues
3 Respect your students
4 Respects opinion of others (both students and colleagues)
5 Accept colleagues as equals
6 Accept the diversity of the students and teachers
7 Be prepared to carry out your responsibilities
8 Give constructive feedback
9 Be a life time learner
10 Be encouraging to students and staff
11 Be imaginative and creative with students
12 Be accountable for all you say and do
13 Know that there is no one else like you
14 Show compassion to your students and colleagues
15 Be a team player
16 Reach for high quality performance
17 Understand that nothing comes unless you work hard and smartly
18 Seek to lead an interesting life
19 Be generally interested in others (both students and colleagues)
20 Enjoy your life and be passionate about the world

So how did you do?


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