A great website for ESL STUDENTS with GRADED READING LEVELS too!!



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So often we teachers want to bring something very new and current into the classroom. Some teachers stick closely to the textbook (which by the way I have nothing against!), however others also want to enhance their classroom with something new for students to read.

So that’s the teacher’s side of things, now for the students side of things. Sometimes students find it hard to find good reading materials that are ESL friendly. Well here is a website that will change both teachers and students reading and comprehension that is current and interesting.

Drumroll please……. It’s called

‘Breaking News English’

…and is updated regularly and has the same article in all different levels. (Check out the bottom of the article) Good for you teachers and students.

Here’s an example:

A 13-year-old American has made a cheap machine that can help blind people read. People who cannot see can read by using Braille – a system of small bumps that people touch to read the letters. Machines that make these small bumps into words, sentences and paragraphs are very expensive. They are called Braille embossers and usually cost at least $2,000. The American teenager, Shubham Banerjee, made a new Braille embosser from a Lego kit that lets people create robots. It costs just $350. Banerjee has called his new device the Braigo – a combination of the words Braille and Lego. It works by translating electronic text into Braille and then printing it using a computer or mobile device.

Banerjee designed his Braigo last year for a school science fair. Since then, he has caught the interest of Silicon Valley in the USA. The technology giant Intel invested in Banerjee’s machine last November, but they did not say how much money they put in. Banerjee also got $35,000 from his father to help him start the project. His father works as a computer engineer at Intel. He spoke about why he gave so much money to his son, saying: “We as parents started to get involved more, thinking that he’s on to something and this innovation process has to continue.” Banerjee told the AP news agency that: “My end goal would probably be having most of the blind people…using my Braille printer.”

Try:   Level 0, Level 1 or Level 2

Read more:http://www.breakingnewsenglish.com/1502/150218-braille.html#ixzz3TnBQi6EE

Give it a try. I have found it really useful.

Let me know what you think and also if you have some other sites too!


5 thoughts on “A great website for ESL STUDENTS with GRADED READING LEVELS too!!

  1. Thanks for sharing. I have been using it in my classes for a while. My students started to like to read and listen to the news by the help of it.
    I also use read theory a lot, it helps a lot to make them keep reading. http://www.readtheory.org

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