5 Quick SENSORY TRICKS to help you remember ENGLISH VOCABULARY



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Even though we all know that learning a new language always takes time and perseverance, there are a few handy tricks that you can use to help you. The most important secret trick is to really work on developing your imagination in your memory.

The key is to focus on your senses. These are see, smell, hear, taste and touch. Once you understand the connection between your senses and their memory, you will find it a lot easier to remember something.

Check these out and see if they work for you:

  1. Taste

If you try a new food for the first time, e.g. a pizza, taste it and see if it tastes like anything in your language, if you find it does, try to make an association to the sound or look of the word.  It may be simply that it has 5 letters and the word in your language has 5 letters. Or maybe it starts with the same letter, etc. Try to make some connection between the two.


  1. See:

If you can see something e.g. bicycle, see if there is any word similar in your language that is spelt in a similar way and find out if they have the same or similar meaning too. Often it is there, if not, you can remember it for that fact.


  1. Hear:

The sound of a word can be one of the easiest ways to remember it. E.g. milk. The sound of the word sounds just like the sound of the milk hitting the glass. Also ‘chocolate’ sound like the sound of chocolate in the mouth of a child while they are trying to talk. Just use your imagination and you may be surprised at what images come up.


  1. Feel:

The touch of something can give you a very strong reaction. E.g. if something is ‘slimey’, say the word slowly in your mouth and see the connection between what it looks like and feels like to the sound. The word ‘sliiiiiiime’ certainly leaves a mark in your memory.


  1. Smell:

The sensations of tasting and smelling are very closely connected, so again if you smell something it can have quite a strong memory.  Find the word that describes the smell, e.g. delicious, and let the word roll around in your mouth and hear the ‘ish’ and smell the wonderful fumes coming off that meal as you say it.


Remember language was never created by someone who just sat down one day and said – ‘okay we will call this word ‘pizza’’ , these words evolved from often thousands of years of usage and it all came down to one thing, how do we remember it.

So try these and see how they work for you.


Let me know if you have any other tricks too!






5 thoughts on “5 Quick SENSORY TRICKS to help you remember ENGLISH VOCABULARY

  1. This is a nice way to try to remember new vocabulary! It’s hard for most people to just sit down, look at a page of words, and remember them all. Using the five senses can help with your memory, and actively use the vocabulary in a setting. Great post!

  2. Nice post, I like it a lot, especially as I’m currently studying new ways of making my students remember words better and something like this can cause a great impression on them.

    • We teachers always need to find new ways…particularly creatively new ways, so to me anything is worth a try, there may be that one person who clicks into it and it really works for them.

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