Create a SHORT FILM to improve your ENGLISH



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I’m not going to say from a teachers point of view that this is an easy task, but it really can be an amazing task for ESL students to:

  • help improve their English
  • Improve their writing skills
  • Improve their group dynamics
  • Understand and appreciate the films they already watch

BUT FIRSTLY: Keep your expectations low!!!

…and now this is how I would recommend you set up a lesson for this task.

Period of time:  6 days to make the film

Day 1:

STEP 1:  Show all students a short 1 minute film or film clip from a well known movie.

STEP 2:  Analyse the movie as to where the camera is placed in the shots

STEP 3:  Put the class into groups of 4

STEP 4: Tell students they will be make a short film with their mobile phones.

Day 2:

STEP 5:  Students need to write together  short script

STEP 6:  Students will try to use at least 5 different kinds of shots in the filming process

Day 3 and 4:

STEP 7: Students will decide who will be the actors and who will be the director

STEP 8:  Students will rehearse their script without filming

Day 5:

STEP 9: Students will film their script in order of the action (edit if possible, but not always necessary if there is only one take)

Day 6:

STEP 10: Students will present the movie back to the class

STEP 11: class will give feedback on what is effective and ideas of how they could have made it more effective


Just a reminder, we don’t expect the movies to be amazing Spielberg masterpieces, but, you will be amazed at what they do get out of it.



I would also recommend that after they make the first movie, that you get them to do the whole thing all over again next week or give them a homework assignment. The reason I say this is that when someone creates something for the first time, they learn a lot, and make a lot of mistakes, so they need another opportunity to make the movie again without mistakes to show how much they have learned.

All the best!!



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