BRITISH SLANG words and phrases – what’s POLITE and what’s IMPOLITE – my opinion


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Slang is usually considered impolite or rough language (or as my mother used to say ‘common’ language), and generally we wouldn’t use slang in a respectful situation, e.g. when you are talking to elders or looking for a job. However, within the list below, there are many words and phrases that still could be considered polite even if you are not in a respectful situation, and some I would suggest no matter where you are don’t use this unless it’s with your friends…

The next question you are going to ask is (particularly if you are a native Brit!) is how come you think you know which is polite and which is not? Well, I don’t really, the polite and impolite recommendations here are purely based on experience.

If you agree or disagree with me…..let me know:

  Slang word/phrase Polite or Impolite
1 Charlie – Idiot Impolite
2 Give You A Bell – Call you Polite
3 Blimey! – My Goodness Polite
4 Gutted – Devastated Impolite
5 Chuffed – Proud Polite
6 Fancy – Like Polite
7 Lost the Plot – Gone Crazy Polite
8 Sorted – Arranged Polite
9 Kip – Sleep or nap Polite
10 Bee’s Knees – Awesome Polite
11 Know Your Onions – Knowledgeable Impolite
12 Dodgy – Suspicious Polite
13 Wonky – Not right Polite
14 Wicked – Cool! Polite
15 Whinge – Whine Polite
16 Tad – Little bit Polite
17 Tenner – £10 Polite
18 Fiver – £5 Polite
19 Skive – Lazy or avoid doing something Impolite
20 Toff – Upper Class Person Impolite
21 Quid – £ Polite
22 Loo – Toilet Polite
23 Nicked – Stolen Impolite
24 Nutter – Crazy Person Impolite
25 Gobsmacked – Amazed Impolite
26 Chap – Male or friend Polite
27 Bob’s Your Uncle – There you go! Polite
28 C of E – Church of England Polite
29 Throw a Spanner in the Works – make a problem Polite
30 Nosh – Food Polite
31 One Off – One time only Polite
32 Hens night – girls night out before a wedding Polite
33 DIY – Do It Yourself home improvements Polite
34 Ponce – Poser Impolite
35 Don’t Get Your Knickers in a Twist – Don’t Get worked up Impolite
36 The Telly – Television Polite
37 Bangers – Sausage Polite
38 Daft Cow – Idiot Impolite
39 Do – Party Polite
40 Uni – College/University Polite
41 Bits ‘n Bobs – Various things Polite
42 Shambles – bad shape/plan gone wrong Polite
43 Horses for Courses – Won’t work for someone else Polite
44 It`s monkeys outside – it is very cold Impolite
45 Stag Night – Bachelor Party Polite

Feedback please!

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