How English can CHANGE YOUR LIFE over and over again!


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I met someone last night who was a lawyer, he was fascinated with the whole learning of English thing, though he himself was a native speaker. I asked him why he, out of anyone, would have had such an interest, and he said, you and I deal in the same business…words!

He said he was a trial lawyer and that the winning and losing of a case can be simply down to the war of words, and if you are a good lawyer you will know exactly the right words to say at the right time.

I would say the same thing for those people considering getting married or having a long term relationship. Everyone knows that disagreements in relationships are normal, but the way in which you solve these disagreements all came down to …words!

When you are trying to get a job, of course if you have English then your chances are higher of securing the job, however, if you are up against a number of people who have the same amount of English as you, chances are you will win this job purely by…..words.

English today is everywhere around us and is needed for almost anything and anyone who wants to move their life to a new and higher place. Therefore don’t just think ‘I need my English for my university degree’, think bigger!  This language you acquire will keep giving back to you again and again in ways you could never imagine.

So think again, try to get the best language course you can, try the hardest you can to do the best you can and always, always, always keep learning and pushing yourself in all the different areas in front of you.

Learning English should never stop at the certificate.

Do you agree? What do you think?


10 thoughts on “How English can CHANGE YOUR LIFE over and over again!

  1. Reblogged this on Michelle Hanton and commented:
    Aiyshah is spot on with her article with some excellent points that I completely agree with. Even as a native English speaker I am continually developing and learning new vocabulary as the English language is so rich and diverse.

  2. Hi Aiysha, thanks for the link!

    I remember a woman who came to us many years ago who hated English in school but when she developed a rare brain tumour in later life she had a renewed interest in English so she could get to the states to speak with expert doctors. Not all stories are that dramatic but I’m a huge believer that communication is key for all things!


    • Thanks Stephen, you are absolutely right. When there is a need, it is amazing what we can do. Sometimes we need that extra push and find we actually quite like it….whatever it is!

  3. Reblogged this on Perennial Beauty and commented:
    Totally! Learning English is the most captivating journey of my whole life! I’ve been learning it by myself since 2 years ago, and now I know it’s going to be a lifelong journey. However, it’s totally fine with me because, as you said, English is changing my life over and over again! And it’s great to know there are people out there as passionate as I’m about English… I’m pretty sick of people around me learning it just because, in order to get their degree college, they have to do it. So, thank you for your lovely words.

      • Oh, you are very kind, but truth is my English needs a lot of work. It is pretty embarrassing when you write things like ‘degree college’ rather than ‘college degree’, and of course I know just a few part of my mistakes are visible to me… The rest will remain invisible until I get better. So, yes, I’ll try it harder! Thanks again.

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