7 GENIUS ways to help your English for FREE in your ENVIRONMENT


(Photo credit: http://bit.ly/1aU8QIF)

Here are some great ideas to just add that extra something to your English learning. I thought they were genius!

  1. Label things in your house

This is such a good idea as every time you pass that label you will remember it, every time you turn on the light, you will remember the words ‘light switch’, every time you get hungry and go to the kitchen you will remember ‘fridge’ every time you put your clothes away you will remember ‘wardrobe’, and so on….

  1. Keep a notebook in every room

Every time you remember something in English or have a question, just go to the notebook and write it down. Then when you go off to school take the notebooks with you and ask your teacher or practice the words.  Don’t forget to put them back in your rooms when you get home.

  1. Take regular tests online or even with your friends

If you are learning with your friends have a test day once a week, where each of you have to ask 10 questions of the other either in English or about English. Give your friends marks and have some fun.

  1. Watch children’s cartoon

Sometimes the English is really easy to follow because they tend to be all action and little talking, so you can pick up what they are saying, and of course you can have a laugh at the same time. This is an easy way to brush up on your English.

  1. Join the public library

I know these days many libraries are closing because everything is so online, but still there are often libraries still open, and they are great places to not only find books that you could read, they are also free!! And you may even be able to get a conversation going with a native speaker too!

  1. Listen to a radio play or talk

There are still plenty of radio stations that have radio plays or talks on. Find out when they are on (usually through the internet), and book yourself in for a time to listen and enjoy. Radio plays and talks are a whole different experience and so much fun, not to mention that they are free!!

  1. Find a youtube video channel you like

Discover the world of TED talks on youtube. Depending on your interest there is bound to be someone on there talking about something you are interested in. Good thing is that it is free and you can play it over and over again, and check on anything you don’t know.




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